Roger Askew


Roger Askew grew up in the North East of England, playing in local bands. One of these, Arbre, signed a record deal and released two albums in the late ‘70s. Touring, TV and radio followed but success was elusive. Roger moved to London and worked with a variety of bands before joining Bliss. Their First album on EMI reached the top of the charts in Italy and did well in other European countries as well as South America.

Roger was increasingly getting work in recording studios and started engineering and producing. His engineering skills led to work with Joe Strummer, Wilko Johnson, Peggy Seeger, Eternal, Mica Paris, Guo Yue and many others, while he produced or co produced recordings by Martin Southwood, Christy Moore, Eleanor Shanley, Spikedrivers and Nicola Hitchcock.

    Roger has released three albums of his own songs, with help from some great musicians, Scarab Moon, Big Fire and Hurt Lies and Lovesongs.

    He has focussed on songwriting recently, co writing with several songwriters including album tracks for Charlie Austen, Emma Ballantine and Nashville recording artist Anna Howie. Roger has also found time to work with Broken Bones Matilda, produce tracks for Texan singer songwriter George StClair, and has produced the first album by Rob Corcoran and the Necessary Evils. Roger is currently producing an album for Americana band Ragtop Down.


Producer Songwriter Musician